It’s been one priority for our organisation to lay out a roadmap to link a platform, a problem and a theory of change so it can grow incrementally. 

Arundhuti Gupta
Mentor Together - India
Arundathi Gupta

I think that's where technology can really play a big role as to how to support and strengthen this culture of giving.

Meenakshi Gupta
Goonj - India
Face of a woman

Before ASPIRe we had not considered a globally scalable solution that would pertain to our mission, but now we have the tools and support to think about it.

Sarah Otterstrom
Founder Paso Pacifico

We would like to empower all individuals and organisations with solutions so that can participate in creating a circular economy.

Pranshu Singhal
Founder Karo Sambhav

The platform journey is a great way to achieve potential population and scale impact collaboratively. Collaboration is critical and often the toughest to achieve.

Priya Aggarwal
Founder Antarang

My dream is to mobilise all current resources in every sector to form an interdependent ecosystem and unlock the synergy between them so the development sector will be transformed into an efficient market-based ecosystem solving poverty sustainably.

Jack Sim
Founder BoP Hub