"We would like to empower all individuals and organisations with solutions so that can participate in creating a circular economy"

Pranshu Singhal
Founder Karo Sambhav

"I feel gratitude for Ashoka, for creating a multitude of opportunities for me to grow as a leader over the last decade. To the Societal Platform team for developing an exciting new concept for scaling many solutions for the world. To the fellows, for making me surrounded by people with whom I share...

Jessica Mayberry
Founding Director Video Volunteers

“My dream is to mobilise all current resources in every sector to form an interdependent ecosystem and unlock the synergy between them so the development sector will be transformed into an efficient market-based ecosystem solving poverty sustainably.”

Jack Sim
Founder BoP Hub
Jack Sim

“What the project means to me: A sense of global solidarity, a ‘soul mates united’ squad, a guard rail through unchartered territory and a safety net under the high wire acrobats. Trust that missions can come true in a world of uncertainty and despair. I am grateful to the ASPIRe team, fellows and...

Thorkil Sonne
Founder Specialisterne Foundation
Founder Specialisterne Foundation

“ 'Opening all possibilities’, is the best I have received during the continuing journey with Societal Platform and Ashoka.”

Neelkanth Mishra
Founder Center for Aquatic Livelihood
Neelkanth Mishra