• Pranshu Singhal, Founder Karo Sambhav

    “We would like to empower all individuals and organisations with solutions so that can participate in creating a circular economy”

  • Jessica Mayberry, Founding Director Video Volunteers

    "I feel gratitude for Ashoka, for creating a multitude of opportunities for me to grow as a leader over the last decade. To the Societal Platform team for developing an exciting new concept for scaling many solutions for the world. To the fellows, for making me surrounded by people with whom I share a world view and a common understanding and experience”

  • Jack Sim, Founder BoP Hub

    “My dream is to mobilise all current resources in every sector to form an interdependent ecosystem and unlock the synergy between them so the development sector will be transformed into an efficient market-based ecosystem solving poverty sustainably.”

  • Thorkil Sonne, Founder Specialisterne Foundation

    “What the project means to me: A sense of global solidarity, a ‘soul mates united’ squad, a guard rail through unchartered territory and a safety net under the high wire acrobats. Trust that missions can come true in a world of uncertainty and despair. I am grateful to the ASPIRe team, fellows and the network of experts!” 

  • Neelkanth Mishra, Founder Center for Aquatic Livelihood

    “’ Opening all possibilities’, is the best I have received during the continuing journey with Societal Platform and Ashoka.” 

CoCo Labs| Community Participation| USA

Born to a family of entrepreneurs, Adam Molyneux-Berry was immersed in an entrepreneurial culture which led him to establish ICE (Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship) which is the first green, low-cost technology and...


Jan Sahas | Human rights | India

Ashif takes victims of caste discrimination, like manual scavengers, bonded labour, Dalit women subjected to gender violence, through an internal journey of empowerment to transform victims into leaders....


Community - The Youth Collective and Pravah | Education | India

Ashraf's organization ComMutiny works on building leadership for social change with young people by creating vibrant ecosystems and youth-centric spaces.  It focuses on transforming young...


Naireeta Services Private Limited | Agriculture | India 

Biplab has created an irrigation system to address water shortage and land dryness by reintroducing the technology of...


Young Africa | Youth Development | Zimbabwe 

Dorien is convinced that economic, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual empowerment must go hand-in-hand in order for young people to feel equipped to make a decent living and, therefore, is helping...


Fundación Cántaro Azul | Water Management | Mexico  

Cántaro Azul democratizes water ownership by empowering communities to collect, purify, monitor, and sell their own potable water. Access to potable water is a constitutional right in Mexico, yet...


World Toilet Organisation | Sanitation & Hygiene | Singapore

Jack’s formidable strategic question is how to transform the dysfunctional market for sanitation into a full, dynamic & beneficial one. The key is to stimulate demand for better...


Video Volunteers | Journalism | India 

Jessica sees marginalized communities not only as recipients of information but also as active creators of content. As local people have been subject to discrimination and have a firsthand perspective, she...


Mondragon Team Academy | Youth Development | Spain

Jose is building a generation of changemaker entrepreneurs by implementing an educational model adapted to the new way society is organized which encourages teamwork and hands-on learning. In this...


ImagiNation Afrika | Education & Learning | Senegal 

Karima's goal is to create opportunities for every school to set its own curriculum and for every teacher to have the possibility to create their own tools and methodologies based on play and creativity...


Health in Harmony | Natural Resource Management & Health | Indonesia

Kinari has introduced a program that combines healthcare, medical training, environmental conservation and education; to improve people’s health as well as the state of the...


Reap Benefit | Youth Development | India

To create an environmentally aware and active generation, Kuldeep is designing and promoting hands-on and participatory learning about environmental issues. He takes children through a cycle of “why” (a...


Fundacion Nueva Oportunidad | Social Insertion | Costa Rica 

Lauren is trying to transform the current system and rehabilitation program in Costa Ricans’ prisons in order to maximise the reinsertion process and to minimise recidivism. Lauren works...


SEEDS | Climate Change | India 

Dr Manu Gupta, Co-Founder of SEEDS, believes that every community has the right to dignity, well-being and control over their own lives. As a child, Manu...


Touché | Social Insertion | Belgium 

Working closely with inmates as a clinical psychologist, Marjan realized how limited their opportunities for change were. To ensure her efforts would...


Healing Fields Foundation | Health Education | India

As a founder of Healing Fields Foundation, Mukteshwari Bosco (Mukti) has utilized her profound understanding of rural communities and...


Center for Aquatic livelihood Jaljeevika | Rural Development | India 

Neelkanth is building inland fisheries in India, run and owned by landless and marginal farmers. Neelkanth focuses on placing shared resources owned by collectives at the centre...


Karo Sambhav | Waste Management | India 

By bringing together industry associations, municipal corporations, NGOs, informal sector waste pickers, collectors, citizens and responsible recyclers, Pranshu is creating a value chain of stakeholders that...


Organization for Rare Disease India | Genetic & Rare Disease | India 

Prasanna believes that in order to build a vibrant ecosystem that supports the development and delivery of early diagnostics, treatment, as well as R&D for Rare Diseases,...


Antarang Foundation | Youth Development | India 

Priya is taking at-risk children - school dropouts or potential dropouts in urban slum communities, juveniles in conflict with the law and those engaged in the informal, exploitative sector - through...


Rang De | Microfinance | India 

Ramakrishna (Ram) believes that efforts to increase access to credit without first tackling affordability compromises the core purpose that underlies...


Paso Pacifico | Biodiversity | USA

Sarah is a conservation scientist working to rebuild forests and protect endangered wildlife in the tropical dry forests and coastal wetlands of...


Citymart | Community participation | USA

Procurement is how every city buys goods and services that it cannot obtain internally. Sascha founded Citymart with the goal of transforming the way cities procure solutions to deliver better services. He...


Jeunes volontaires pour l'environnement | Environment | Africa

Sena’s organization transforms young people into environmental champions and supports the creation of the green economy in the Sahel region. At the primary school level, Sena has...


Uplift India Association, Uplift Mutual Development and Aid Society | Health Care | India

Shailabh recognized that the design of health financing and health care in India excludes the...


EnAble India | Disability | India

Shanti is employing a business-school approach to disabled employee training that emphasizes problem-solving, team building, and other soft skills. She shares these new methodologies with other training...


iKure Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.| Heath Care | India

Founder & CEO, of iKure,  Sujay’s entrepreneurship journey is driven by the vision of ‘creating zero mortality in primary healthcare’....


Gold Youth Development Agency and gold Enterprises | Education & Learning| South Africa

Susannah created Generations of Leaders Discovered (GOLD) to develop social capital in African youth. By employing a structured three-year curriculum, GOLD...


Samagra | Sanitation & Hygiene | India

Swapnil recognizes that improving sanitation for low-income urban communities in India is as much about better infrastructure as it is about user engagement and the creation of positive habits. He employs a...


Specialisterne Foundation | Disability | Denmark

Thorkil Sonne founded Specialisterne after his young son was diagnosed with autism. The family had to address several difficult...