About ASPIRe

Curating, Implementing & Refining Design Principles for Changemakers   

ASPIRe is a global initiative co-created by Ashoka and Societal Platform to support Ashoka Fellows to reimagine how their social-impact mission can be redesigned, using the platform and system change thinking, to dramatically increase their impact.   

Through an in-depth long-term accelerator, we support social entrepreneurs bring their existing impact to a population scale.  In the ASPIRe journey, an initial cohort of Ashoka Fellows experiments and apply proven design principles and best practices, to create/leverage open, shared infrastructure to distribute the ability to solve, decentralize implementation to enable stakeholders to implement the program in their context. 

In ASPIRe, fellows design ways to restore the agency of the people they work with; they design ways to distribute the ability to solve, so, everyone can participate in solving their problems, improve the capability to develop their own solutions,  and nurture an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world. 

Technology for us is not the solution, it's a catalyst. On its own, it will not solve social, political, or economic issues, but it can boost existing human capacity and intent. Technology becomes a tool to amplify and power the ideas and networks that already exist, to give them momentum and to forge new ways to get them to grow.

ASPIRe Supports:    

  • Determined and restless leaders:  We work with Social Entrepreneurs who are willing to push the boundaries of what they believe can be achieved. We help them see the potential to create change involving millions of people. We nudge them to reimagine what is possible.  We equip them with powerful ideas and design principles. We accompany them to undergo a transformative process of applying these principles in their contexts and building a new vision.  

  • Harnessing the potential of ecosystems: We challenge Social Entrepreneurs to see themselves not as solution providers but as conductors of the ecosystem. We help them design for change that would positively influence the behaviours of many actors in the eco-system and improve everyone’s outcomes. We help them learn to lead in a way that allows many leaders to emerge and thrive.   

  • Integration of technology to design for the future:  We equip Social Entrepreneurs with frameworks on how to integrate technology in their work in a way that distributes the ability to solve from one to many, restores the agency of participants and uses data for continuous evolution and change.  

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