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ASPIRe is a global initiative from Ashoka that supports social entrepreneurs design for exponential social impact by activating agency, cultivating changemaking networks, empowered by data and enabled by technology.


Our core work

Co-creating an Everyone a Changemaker world

ASPIRe helps Social Entrepreneurs increase their impact by designing new strategies to activate agency and increase change-making in communities closest to the problem and orchestrating networks that can help solve the problem at scale.

Identify and support visionary leaders

We support selected Ashoka Fellows and their teams to build an exponential change vision and find ways to implement it.

Harnessing the potential of eco-systems

We challenge social entrepreneurs to see themselves not as solution providers but as orchestrators of the eco-systems that allow many changemakers to emerge and thrive.   

Developing an ecosystem

We are building a committed network of leaders from Business, Technology, Philanthropy, Academia and the Social Sector dedicated to creating positive change at scale.