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ASPIRe is a global initiative from Ashoka exploring innovative ways in which social entrepreneurs (SE) can make systemic impact using platform thinking supported by technology.


Our pillars

Co-creating an Everyone a Changemaker world

ASPIRe helps Social Entrepreneurs tap into communities´ collective agency, unleashing their power to contribute to solutions by leveraging technology strategically.

Supporting restless leaders

We accompany selected social entrepreneurs and their mission teams through a transformative process of building a bold system change vision and getting it off the ground.   

Harnessing the potential of eco-systems

We challenge social entrepreneurs to see themselves not as solution providers but as orchestrators of the eco-systems that allow many changemakers to emerge and thrive.   

Developing a supporting network

We are activating and engaging a network of leaders from Business, Technology, Philanthropy, Academia and Social Sector who are committed to creating positive change at scale. 

Leveraging Platforms
for the Good of All

We conducted research on 14 cutting edge platforms for the good of all led by Ashoka Fellows around the world in key sectors, such as education, health and finance. After a thorough research of their models and a series of in-depth interviews with these Fellows, the paper "Leveraging platforms for the good of all" unveils learnings and patterns that are summarized in nine key design principles that define how platforms for good behave.

It is important to keep in mind that a platform is an entire approach and isn´t just a mobile app or a website; it is a holistic model that creates impact by facilitating exchanges of value between two or more interdependent groups, usually consumers and producer.


Cover of a report
Face of a woman

María Zapata, Executive Director, ASPIRe

"Though ASPIRe, we are pioneering and codifying how to unleash large scale social change, powered by platform and system change thinking and enabled by technology, to solve at scale some of the most pressing social issues in the world. What could be more exciting and encouraging!"

Face of a man

Sanjay Purohit, Chief Curator, Societal Platform

"We recognise the need for a collaborative approach to resolving large-scale social challenges - one that restores agency, provides choice and upholds the dignity of everyone. This kind of deep change needs deep leadership - ASPIRe Fellows . I'm excited about the possibilities that ASPIRe will unravel."

Woman and man

Rohini & Nandan Nilekani, RNP

"We are excited by the sense of possibility that the journey we are embarking on with Ashoka and all of you, change-makers, holds. You are perfect co-creators because you are a reflection of the values and principles, we hold dear and that, like us, are unafraid to say that we do not know it all. We cannot wait to learn from you as we make this journey together."


A powerful collaboration

Ashoka brings deep knowledge of processes involved in creating lasting systemic change in society. An expertise we have developed over 40 years of engaging with 4,000 leading Social Entrepreneurs. Societal Platform brings experience and insights of how to use technology for social good at scale. And ASPIRe fellows are the Social Entrepreneurs with a powerful experience of creating system change on the ground. They are the bold mission leaders in their search of new pathways to improve lives of millions of people. Combining our complementary strengths, we are aiming at solving some of the humanity’s toughest challenges. 

ASPIRe is supported by Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies.  








Photo by Ryan Lobo