Why Aspire

ASPIRe: A Catalyst to Improve the Lives of Millions  

Do you feel a sense of urgency to resolve large complex societal challenges that are impacting millions of lives?   

The time is NOW!   

We live in the time of an explosion of social innovation, social entrepreneurs, large funding coming from philanthropists, corporates, impact investors etc and despite all of this, we still have millions of kids without access to proper education and healthcare, millions who don’t have access to drinking water or basic sanitary conditions. Millions are afflicted by the pressing issues that take away their agency, their dignity.    

The co-creation of ASPIRe came from a common awareness that Ashoka and Societal Platform deeply felt: that we need to leverage our strengths and make an audacious attempt at solving problems at a population scale. To identify solutions of passionate leaders who believe in this aspiration and equip them with the tools that will help them achieve it in a planned manner is why ASPIRe exists.

What Do We ASPIRe:  

  • Curate, develop and implement a deep understanding of how social entrepreneurs can build platforms for the good of all, to design what works at population scale, to achieve major social impact.    

  • Creating a global ecosystem where participants can leverage existing assets, proven design principles and supportive infrastructure   

  • Creating a unified platform for changemakers, with specific impact measurements, to implement and track their efforts to build impact at scale.     

  • Mobilize interests and resources towards platforms for system change, social good and large-scale impact 

Our Approach 3